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Column: Recommended wine-related movies

Five recommended wine-related movies to pair with an Argentina wine.
Argentina wine
A bottle of Clos de las Siete to enjoy while watching one of the five wine movies wine columnist Tony Kwan recommends.

With the holiday season and travel being limited, this is the perfect time to catch up on wine-related movies.  These movies are not only to entertain you but will give you valuable knowledge and insight into the word of wine. 

There are currently two wine-related movies on Netflix (Uncorked and Wine Country).  I would take a pass on both of these movies as wine is really a side topic in both of these movies.  Besides that, both movies are not that entertaining or interesting.

However, there are some great wine-related movies on Prime Video. I would highly recommend the following:

Somm: In the Bottle  - this is the second movie of the “Somm” series of movies.  Somm is short for sommelier or the wine director/manager you see at many restaurants.  Of the three documentary-style movies in this series, this is the best one and you will learn about some magnificent wineries and the history behind some iconic wine regions.  The first movie in the Somm series is also very engaging as it follows four sommeliers as they train and attempt to get their master of wine certification.  I would take a pass on the third movie in the series, Somm 3, which is used more like a platform to promote those involved in the film.

Bottle Shock – although this is an older film (2008), it is a dramatization of the famous 1976 Judgment of Paris tasting.  This tasting had some of the best American wines compete against French wines in a blind tasting.  As a result of this tasting, American wines were taken more seriously and treated on the same level as French wines.

Sour Grapes – a non fiction documentary about Rudy Kurniawan, a mysterious young man who shows up and turns the wine auction world upside down.  It is a remarkable, almost unbelievable tale of someone who fooled the entire wine industry and sold millions of dollars of counterfeit wines to some of the most knowledgeable wine people in the wine world.  It is a really interesting movie that gives the viewer insight into the wine auction market.

Ratatouille – You can find this cartoon classic in many places including on DVD.  This is one of my favourite food and wine movies.  The story is wonderfully romantic and the wines they mention in the movie are actually great wines so someone on the writing team was a knowledgeable wine drinker!

Sideways – this follows a soon to be married guy on his weekend before his wedding with his wine crazy friend.  While there are some adult only themes in the movie, the backdrop is the two friends touring various wineries in Napa Valley.  I love Paul Giamatti in the movie and it was probably one of the first wine focused movies when it was released in 2004.

What would be perfect wine to sip while watching these movies?  How about the Clos de los Siete 2017, an Argentinean wine with a blend of grapes, predominantly Malbec with some Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.  Originally created by a partnership of seven wineries, this is a wonderfully dark and fruity wine that will evolve while you are watching one of the films above.  Priced on sale until January 2, 2021 at $24.99.

Until next time, have a safe and joyous holiday season and happy drinking in 2021!

Tony Kwan is a lifestyle writer.  Lawyer by day, food and wine lover by night, Tony aims to give you an insider’s guide to the best that life has to offer.