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Column: Hidden gem restaurants in Richmond 2024

Have you visited any of these six restaurants in Richmond?

Last year, I did a column on some hidden gem restaurants I discovered in Richmond that were very well received.

So, I thought I would do an updated column showcasing a few more eateries. I can’t take credit for discovering these places…most of the time, it is my friends who know I love to eat and share their favourite places with me. 

The truth is Richmond is a hotbed for interesting and innovative restaurants. While some of these restaurants are established eateries, sometimes we forget how good the quality of the food is in Richmond.

Wasuta Pasta Bar

Japanese-Italian food?  Italian food is so popular in Japan that there is a term (Itameshi) to describe fusion cuisine that combines traditional elements of Japanese and Italian food. 

Wasuta Pasta Bar is a fun place to try this type of cuisine.  It is located at #202-7080 River Road, Richmond on the second floor of an industrial/commercial building. 

It is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week but get there early as they do not take reservations.  Along with the daily specials, some of my favourite dishes are the Crab Cream Croquette and the Scallop Uni Cream Fettucine.

Missing Chopsticks

Another restaurant in an unexpected location.  Missing Chopsticks serves modern French cuisine with an Asian twist. 

It is a "Si Fong Choi" or private kitchen restaurant. This is a popular concept in Hong Kong and is meant to be located in an odd place and secretive only to those in the know.  Well, now the secret is out! 

It is located at #130-13880 Wireless Way, Richmond, B.C.  It serves a five-course set menu but they do serve a la carte late bites after 8:30 p.m. 

Chef Edward Cheng has worked in several Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong and his dishes are beautiful and delicious.  See my review of this restaurant here.

John 3:16 Malaysian Delight

This restaurant was established in 2014 and is one of the best places to try Malaysian cuisine. 

It is located at 6838 No.3 Road, Richmond, B.C.  Their Roti (either with beef, chicken or curry sauce) is unbelievably soft and flaky. 

Their beef rendang is also spectacular.  Then there is always the popular Hainanese Chicken. See my review of this restaurant here.

Cask Whisky Vault

I thought this was just a bar. That is what I thought until a friend brought me to eat dinner here.

Located inside the Versante Hotel complex, which also houses an upscale casual restaurant (Bruno), Cask is a hidden gem in Richmond with an address at #105-8400 West Road, Richmond, B.C. 

They have snacks and robata on their menu but what I recommend is their $59 four-course tasting menu.  The restaurant is very modern and has a chic atmosphere.

Jade Seafood and Shanghai River restaurants

In Richmond, we can’t forget about the multitude of great Chinese restaurants. 

Two restaurants that may get overlooked are Jade Seafood Restaurant and Shanghai River Restaurant. Both restaurants are celebrating their 20th year in business in Richmond.

Jade Seafood Restaurant has won multiple Chinese Restaurant Association and Vancouver Magazine Awards. They moved their location to 280-2811 No.3 Road, Richmond a few years ago. They specialize in unique dishes and I was privileged recently to eat one of the award-winning dishes: Steamed Savoury Custard with Seafood.

Shanghai River Restaurant is one of the best places to have  Xiaolungbao or steamed Shanghai dumplings.  It is located at #110-7831 Westminster Highway, Richmond.  Some of my favourite Shanghainese dishes are chicken with wine sauce and black vinegar ribs with nuts.

Hope I have you have salivating to try one of these restaurants.  Until next time, happy eating!

Tony Kwan is a Richmond News columnist. Lawyer by day, and a food and wine lover by night. Kwan is an epicurean who writes about wine, food and enjoying all that life has to offer.