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Book List: New books for kids and teens to read this summer

Richmond Public Library staff compiles a list of books to encourage youth to keep reading during the summer
Youth reading by a window. Photo: Getty Images

Elementary School:

Rumaysa – Radiya Hafiza

Rumaysa is locked away in a tall tower spinning straw into gold for the evil witch.  But after dropping a hijab out of her window, Rumaysa realizes she might be able to escape.  Join Rumaysa on a funny, empowering fairy tale adventure! For Grades 1 to 3.

Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly (series) – Jordan Quinn

Dragons Cinder, Ruskin and Groth find their own adventures in this graphic novel spin-off of the popular Kingdom of Wrenly series.  Young fantasy lovers will love it! For Grades 1 to 4.

Franklin Endicott and the Third Key – Kate Dicamillo

Franklin Endicott is a worrier. He worries about lions, submarines, black holes, leprosy, and armadillos.  When Franklin encounters a mystery, he begins to feel a mounting dread.  Can he overcome it?  Funny and wacky, this is the sixth book in the Tales from Deckawoo Drive series.

For Grades 2 to 5

My Own World – Mike Holmes

Nathan escapes his anxieties when he finds an abandoned lighthouse and a portal to another world.  There, his imagination takes him on wondrous adventures.  Created by the artist behind Secret Coders and Wings of Fire, this graphic novel will appeal to fantasy lovers!

For Grades 3 to 6

Dog Squad – Chris Grabenstein

Fred is a pretty average dog. He's scrappy. He's loveable. But he's not brave like his heroes on Dog Squad.   When Fred encounters real life dangers, will he find the courage to step up and save the day?  This hilarious adventure is the first in the series.

For Grades 4 to 6

Amari and the Night Brothers – B.B. Alston

Thirteen-year-old Amari, a poor Black girl from the projects, gets an invitation from her missing brother to join the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and join in the fight against an evil magician.

For Grades 4 to 7

Music for Tigers – Michelle Kadarusman

Louisa loves playing the violin, but instead of practicing, she is spending the summer in a Tasmanian rainforest camp.  When she learns that a nearby mining operation is threatening an endangered tiger population, she thinks her music can help.

For Grades 4 to 7

High School:

Now That I've Found You - Forest, Kristina
Now That I’ve Found You – Kristina Forest 
Rising star Evie, following in the footsteps of her Hollywood-famous grandmother, is on the road to success. When a friend’s betrayal knocks her star right out of the sky, Evie must do whatever it takes to save her career.

For Grades 8 and up

We Were Beautiful - Hepler, Heather

We Were Beautiful – Heather Hepler
Fifteen-year-old Mia, reeling from the loss of her sister, Rachel, is sent to New York for the summer to live with a grandmother she’s never met. As the summer goes on, Mia begins piecing her past together – including the night Rachel died.  

For Grades 8 and up

This Is How We Fly - Meriano, Anna
This is How We Fly – Anna Meriano
Ellen never thought she would join a Quidditch team, but grounded all summer, the game ends up being the outlet Ellen never knew she needed.

For Grades 8 and up

Cemetery Boys - Thomas, Aiden

Cemetery Boys – Aiden Thomas
In his quest to prove his true gender to his family, Yadriel summons a ghost who refuses to leave. Yadriel agrees to help this ghost complete his unfinished business, but as they grow closer, Yadriel finds he wants the ghost to stay.

For Grades 8 and up

The Beast Player - Uehashi, Nahoko

The Beast Player – Nahoko Uehashi 
Elin’s mother, caretaker of the fearsome water serpents, has been sentenced to death and Elin escapes to safety. Hidden away, she learns that she can communicate with the many magical creatures that guard the queen. But at what cost does this skill come?  

For Grades 8 and up

Christine McCrea and Ginny Dunnill are librarians at the Richmond Public Library. For more summer reads (and information on the Summer Reading Club) visitthe Richmond Public Library website.