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Avoid tragedy, drive safe

The Editor, One drunk driver can sure take the glow off the Ashura, Hanukkah, Eid, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year's celebrations.

The Editor,

One drunk driver can sure take the glow off the Ashura, Hanukkah, Eid, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year's celebrations.

Screeching tires, twisting metal, screaming victims, emergency sirens, traffic gridlock, overwhelmed emergency services, holidays in the hospital, New Year funerals, families destroyed, businesses lost, children scarred for life, years of legal wrangling, pain, suffering, disability and overwhelming costs to our groaning healthcare system.

Shall I go on?

Or, you can make it easy for drivers who need help getting home safely to do the right thing.

- Volunteer for Operation Red Nose as a driver, escort vehicle operator, navigator or dispatcher.

- Call Red Nose before you leave your staff party, favourite pub or get together. You don't have to leave your car behind, we'll drive it home for you.

- If you wish to make a donation to the Red Nose crew once you, your guests and car are safely home, every dime goes to support youth sports in our community.

- Don't let your guests drink and drive. Hell, don't even let people you don't like drive drunk.

- Of course, chances are high they will get nailed at the next RCMP/Delta Police roadblock anyway, if they are lucky: Cuffs, paddy wagon, jail, court, criminal records, cars impounded, names in the News.

- Both police forces are Red Nose supporters. When was the last time a cop treated you like a hero? While everyone else lines up at the roadblock for breathalizing, the officers wave Red Nosers through with a smile.

- ICBC also supports Operation Red Nose. Fewer accidents, lower claims, cheaper insurance. One guy last year said we saved him $6,000!

- It is too late to become an official published Operation Red Nose sponsor this year, but it is not too late to make a donation.

- If you have friends who drive escort vehicles, help them out with some gas money. Jack and Nancy Buchan, Jill Seymour, Dawson Service and Morita Auto body covered most of the gas I burned in the 2,400 kilometers I put on my old Chevy wagon last year. Marilyn Scott at Otter Gas in Ladner let me use their touchless car wash, no charge.

- The gathering of the Red Nose clan, starting this Friday, is one of the best parties going: food, coffee, fun, great people, camaraderie, excellent organization, prize draws, all donated and volunteered.

How many reasons do you need to call 604-943-0460? Or for more information, visit Happy trails to all your readers over the holidays.

Ramblin' Ryan Lake Gnarly Old Dudes and Dames of Steveston (GODDS)

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