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Avoid planes

move away

The Editor,

"Residents want small planes relocated," News, Nov. 9. For those residents who have signed a petition and want small planes relocated: A quick internet search reveals 837 airline fatalities in 2010 (Aviation Safety Network) compared to 32,788 road traffic fatalities (US DOT).

According to ICBC, the 2010 B.C. five year average is 30,000 road casualty crashes in the Greater Vancouver Area. So I have a couple of questions: What are you going to do when a "big plane" crashes and notice I said "when" not "if " because a big plane crash is inevitable? What about a petition to make Richmond roads and B.C. roads safer because flying is sure safer than driving?

And finally, perhaps the solution for you would be to move away from Richmond to avoid airplanes; to avoid the increasingly congested driving conditions in Richmond.

If you decide to move, I would ask you take with you all those other people who purchased a residence near an airport who now complain about noise and airplanes at the airport.

John Ethier Richmond