YVR started naming airports as Pokémon, and Twitter loves it

Vancouver International Airport’s social media team took to the weird and wonderful world of #AirportTwitter Wednesday to start a fun game representing airports as Pokémon.

It matched different airports to the much-loved characters, and soon other cities jumped on board.

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Some of the picks were uncannily accurate.


YVR purposefully didn’t pick its own Pokémon, because it wanted others to chime in with suggestions, airport spokesperson Christopher Richards told the Richmond News.

“But we are partial to Squirtle,” he said. “As a water Pokémon we feel like Squirtle is a good fit for the West Coast and given our proximity to the ocean it makes sense.”


Many of the Pokemon bore strong resemblance to the airports’ logos, but one has to wonder if YVR chose Magikarp for Dallas Fort Worth as a tongue-in-cheek chirp.


“We have a lot of fun with our #AirportTwitter counterparts and DFW matched best with the much-maligned Magikarp, who gets a bit of a bad rap,” Richards said. “We love our friends at DFW – great airport and a great social team.”

Many airports matched with powerful part-flying types like Gyarados, which makes sense since big, flying things are what airports are all about.


Others opted for legendaries, or grass-types that reminded them of motifs within the terminals.


“There can be a lot of negativity out there on social media and we are always happy to try and find ways to make positive connections with our community,” Richards said.

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