World Hunger Day raising awareness of hunger and poverty

World Hunger Day is an initiative by The Hunger Project that aims to raise awareness of the millions of people living in hunger worldwide on May 28.

This year, the theme for World Hunger Day looks at hunger as a whole while emphasizing  an increased risk of hunger and poverty in vulnerable communities that have been impacted by COVID-19.

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This annual awareness day continues to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty since 2011, while making its goal to encourage people with the means to support them.

According to The Hunger Project, there are 820 million people in the world that do not have enough to eat where 98 per cent of the world’s undernourished live in developing countries.

“The solution to hunger is not about hand-outs and a top-down approach, but a bottom-up approach that starts with women, works with local government and mobilizes communities to take self-reliant actions,” The Hunger Project stated on their website.

“On World Hunger Day – and every day – we ask the world to come together with a shared goal of realising healthy, fulfilling lives of self-reliance and dignity for all people.” 

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