Video: Boater uses piles at Richmond’s Gilbert Beach as slalom course

A boater showed off some unusual moves at a Richmond beach Friday evening. 

In a video (below) posted on Twitter Aug. 9, the motorboat is seen weaving in and out of the piles at Gilbert Beach, similar to a skier on a slalom course.

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“Never mind #RichmondLearnstoPark,” wrote the poster of the video, who goes by the Twitter handle @steviegabc. “Might I introduce #RichmondLearnstoBoat?”

A representative from Richmond’s RCMSAR Station 10 said that, while such behaviour is not recommended in any body of water, it’s especially not recommended in the Fraser River.

“One never knows where there may be a sand bar, dead head (log) or other debris that could have had this situation turn into something much worse,” said the representative, adding that they hoped the boaters were wearing their pfds to ensure that they could keep their heads above water in the case of an “instantaneous change.”

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