This micro 'apartment' could be yours for just $500 in Richmond

Are you looking to rent a cozy room in Richmond with your own privacy that may even have its own separate bathroom?  Is your budget under $1000 or even as low as $500 a month?

Well, “cozy” takes on new meaning with this 120-square-foot “apartment” -- complete with bathroom, laundry, fridge and stove. Craigslist is listing the all-in-one room, located five minutes away from Richmond centre, for just $500.

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For just $500, this “comfy cozy room” could be yours.

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In the listing the room is described as, "perfect for an individual with your own personal and private space" as well as having your "own bathroom/shower inside the room, laundry, small refrigerator and electric stove".

Are you interested in the room now? Well, you may not be chosen. According to the listing, the room is for a non-smoker with no pets.

So, next time somebody complains about the high rental prices in Richmond, simply show them this listing.

This posting comes when affordable housing continues to be an issue across the Lower Mainland. Currently, the vacancy rate in Richmond is less than one per cent and, according to the City of Richmond, the average rent for a bachelor suite is $843.

The city is working on finalizing an affordable housing strategy and residents are currently able to provide feedback online.

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