Richmond receives $3.6 million in annual TransLink infrastructure grant

TransLink has unveiled the finalized list of Metro Vancouver infrastructure projects that the company will invest in this year, with Richmond set to receive over $3.6 million.

The city is receiving the investment through TransLink’s walking, cycling and roads program — which invests in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance for Metro Vancouver pedestrians, cyclists and drivers — according to an announcement by the transit company Wednesday morning.

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The finalized list identifies five Richmond projects that will receive funding — totalling $3,666,000 — including the rehabilitation of Cambie Road overpasses at Highway 99 and Knight Street, Garden City bike and pedestrian paths, and multi-use pathways along Charles Street and Alderbridge Way.

According to city spokesperson Clay Adams, the city applies to TransLink for grant funding, and the estimated completion for most of these projects is late 2020.

Richmond has received funding from TransLink for various projects in the city through the program since 2012.

Other Metro Vancouver municipalities are also receiving funding — TransLink has awarded nearly $100 million this year to 76 infrastructure projects throughout the region, and has also helped maintain more than 2,700 kilometres of road lanes.

This is the most money that TransLink has invested into municipal projects than any previous year, according to Wednesday’s release.  The program is funded by contributions from the Mayor’s 10-Year Investment Plan and the provincial and federal governments.

“The role that we play in creating a more livable, prosperous region goes far beyond transit,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond in the release. “As the regional transportation authority, our job is to connect people and communities by improving accessibility and connections in any way possible. Whether you walk, cycle, drive or take transit — this program helps everyone move more efficiently around the region.”

According to TransLink, which compared 2011 and 2017 trip data, the share of cycling and walking trips throughout the region increased by four per cent, while the share of driving trips decreased by that same amount.

Investments made under the walking, cycling and roads program will help meet the increasing demands of pedestrians and cyclists throughout Metro Vancouver.


Project name Project description TransLink funding
Cambie Road overpass (at Highway 99) rehabilitation Rehabilitation work, including replacement of roadway expansion joints, shear keys and road surfaces, of the Cambie Road overpass at Highway 99. $638,469
Cambie Road overpass over Knight Street rehabilitation Rehabilitation of the approaches to remediate differential settlement on the Cambie Road overpass at Knight Street. $677,500
Garden City bike and pedestrian paths Construction of a paved multi-use pathway delineated for two-way pedestrians and one-way (southbound) cyclists on the west side of Garden City road between Lansdowne Road and Westminster Highway. $500,000
Charles Street multi-use pathway Provision of a paved off-street multi-use pathway on the north side of Charles Street between Sexsmith Road and the pedestrian-cyclist entrance to the Bridgeport Canada Line station and exhange. $193,340
Alderbridge Way multi-use pathway Construction of a paved off-street multi-use pathway with pedestrian lighting on the north side of Alderbridge Way betwee Shell and No. 4 roads. $600,000
Total   $3,666,000


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