Richmond RCMP and City join forces to combat hate, racism

There’s no place for hate in Richmond.

That’s the message being shared through a joint initiative launched Wednesday by Richmond RCMP and the City of Richmond, aimed at reaching out to the community to combat racism and hate-motivated incidents.  

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Starting this week, anti-hate posters will be distributed throughout Richmond, according to a press release issued by RCMP. The posters will urge people to reach out police if they experience or witness any hateful behaviour.

While the poster originated as a result of racially-motivated incidents in recent months, it also addresses other forms of hate-motivated incidents, according to Richmond RCMP.

“This poster is our way of reaching out to the community to let them know we are here to support them, and are just a phone call away if they are victimized by someone else’s actions,” said Cpl. Adriana Peralta, in a statement.

Richmond RCMP say they are “proud to serve the culturally-diverse community of Richmond,” but note that while the “majority” of residents are positive and respectful of one another, race-based and other forms of targeted hate exist.

“We are sensitive to the fact that our community is woven from many cultures and ethnicities, as is the makeup of our officers that proudly serve Richmond,” said Spt. Will Ng, in a statement.

“Be assured that we will always investigate and treat all hate-motivated crimes seriously and continue to do our utmost in protecting our community.”

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie also condemned any racist or hateful behaviour in the city.

“The public can be certain the City of Richmond does not, and never will, tolerate hateful behaviour," he said. 

“Such attitudes and actions do not reflect the community’s celebration of our rich history of culture and diversity. Council supports the RCMP’s focus on building public awareness to call for help if they experience any hateful behaviour.”

The posters will be posted in public buildings around the city. Richmond RCMP will also disseminate the posters through Richmond RCMP Business Link and Block Watch, as well as have officers from the Community Policing Unit distribute them to the community.

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