Richmond man sentenced for sex assault after 3-hour police stand-off

A man who had a three-hour standoff with RCMP at a Richmond residence after sexually assaulting a woman has been sentenced to four and half months.

However, at the B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver yesterday, Justice Miriam Gropper sentenced Cheng Ian Huang, 44, to time already served, equivalent to four and a half months, plus a 10 year weapons ban and 18 months’ probation.

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Huang had earlier pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and sexual assault in 2018 in a residence in the 3000 block of Jesmond Avenue, close No. 1 and Williams roads.

The Richmond News reported how, in May 2018, a distraught woman flagged down a vehicle, seeking help.  

The woman was taken to nearby Dixon elementary, where she was met by RCMP. The school was later placed under a “hold and secure” protocol to ensure students’ and teachers’ safety.

The RCMP then surrounded the residence on Jesmond Avenue for three hours, as they negotiated with Huang. He was taken into custody after surrendering peacefully.

Huang was originally charged on seven counts, including impersonating a police officer, uttering a threat, assault, assault with a weapon, kidnapping, possession of a firearm without a permit and sexual assault using a Taser.

Four counts were stayed, and one — relating to possessing a firearm without permit — was withdrawn earlier in the trial, according to a spokesperson for the court. 

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