Richmond councillor calls for focus on housing affordability in council goals

Coun. Carol Day called herself the “lone wolf” voting against Richmond city council’s term goals on Monday night, criticizing how they were compiled and their content.

“I don’t support the process, I didn’t support the survey (to gather information) and I didn’t support only spending two hours on this,” she said.

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Day added the goals should consist of three top priorities: housing affordability, the environment and fiscal responsibility.

“I believe every one of these goals could be wrapped up under one of those – and every single thing we do should be about creating more affordable housing and housing in general in Richmond because we have a crisis,” she said.

The “broad goal themes,” as listed in a staff report to council, were a safe and resilient city, a sustainable and environmentally conscious city, one community together, an active and thriving Richmond, sound financial management, strategic and well-planned growth, a supported economic sector and an engaged and informed community.

She said the goals are the same ones that were approved by last council with just the wording moved around. She wanted council to be “bold” dealing with the housing crisis.

The term goals as presented passed with only Day voting against the motion.

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