Richmond council to vote on endorsing flood protection measures for dike, drainage systems

If endorsed, projects will be submitted to Union of B.C. Municipalities for funding

City council will be voting to endorse two flood protection programs at Wednesday’s public works meeting, to help better protect Richmond from flooding caused by climate change or extreme weather.  

If endorsed, the projects will be submitted to the Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM), which provides funding to B.C. communities to plan or implement structural flood protection projects through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF).

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The Flood Protection and Dike Upgrades Project will rebuild Richmond’s dike system to stabilize eroding banks and replace the large, loose stones that help prevent erosion – known as riprap – along 1.6 kilometres of dike at three different locations.

The city’s report does not specify which three locations would benefit from the upgrades.

This upgrade and rehabilitation will help reduce flood risk associated with climate-changed induced sea level rise, according to a report by the city.

It will also ensure Richmond’s dikes meet current flood protection requirements.

If the dike submission is successful, UBCM can cover 100 per cent of the cost through the CEPF, to a maximum of $750,000. The city estimates the project will cost $1 million.

Under the second project – the Seismic Assessment and Hydraulic Modeling Project – the city will carry out a seismic assessment of Richmond’s perimeter dike corridor, as well as geotechnical investigations and a hydraulic assessment and modelling of the city’s drainage systems.   

Drainage systems help prevent flooding that results from extreme rainfall or other natural events, according to the report. It will help guide future planning and capital projects.

UBCM funding would cover 100 per cent of the cost to a maximum of $150,000. The city estimates the assessment and modelling project will cost $200,000.

The remaining funding for both projects would be allocated from the city’s drainage and diking utility.

In May 2019, the province announced $31 million in grant allocation for the CEPF, administered by UBCM.  

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