Richmond church prays for victims in Hong Kong

A memorial service will be held in Richmond to pray for those who have lost their lives in the on-going clashes in Hong Kong.

The service, organized by the Richmond Eastern Catholic church, is open to anyone who wishes to join in prayers and songs and to give hope to both Canadians and Hong Kongers.

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“(Our church) feels very badly for those who have lost hope (to the point) that they are overwhelmed by despair and cannot go on living,” said Father Richard Soo, adding that they “are very concerned for those who feel psycho-societal pressures in Hong Kong and finding themselves in great emotional distress.”

“We’re very concerned with what is happening in Hong Kong, as with any other place where human rights are violated.”

Attendees can expect the service to start off with someone reading out a few names of people who have passed on, followed by a traditional “eastern church service.”

Soo added that everyone is welcome, but if people were to come and disrupt the service, police will be called.

“These are people who have died, and people should be concerned regardless of political opinions.”

The memorial service will be held at the Richmond Eastern Catholic Church at 8700 Railway Ave. from 8 to 9 p.m.

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