Richmond Chinese community express gratitude to Canada

Many Chinese Canadians are expressing gratitude for the support they are seeing from politicians, organizations and everyday citizens in the midst of the novel coronavirus that is hitting China particularly hard.

“Be strong China” posters have popped up at YVR and other places around the world with the message of “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared Canada is standing by in case China needs more help as it tries to control the outbreak.  The declaration had Chinese Canadians flooding social media with an outpouring of love and support for the leader. 

According to a media release issued by Global Affairs Canada on Sunday, Canada has deployed about 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves to China since Feb. 4. 

“Canada is working with its partners and international organizations to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. This is vital to helping those affected and protecting the health and safety of people around the world,” read the statement. 

Long-time Richmondite Frank Wu told the Richmond News he has a much deeper understanding of multiculturalism after seeing the generosity that the Canadian government and Canadians have towards others. In a Chinese New Year speech in Toronto, Trudeau said “there is no place for discrimination driven by fear.” 

“My eyes were filled with tears after hearing Trudeau’s words. Lots of Chinese immigrants gave Trudeau the nickname ‘little potato’ as his name sounds similar to the Mandarin word for potato. However, now we want to call him ‘your excellency,’” said Wu.

Mark Li, who immigrated to Canada almost 20 years ago, wrote an online article “Children, please remember Canada” to express his appreciation and love for Canadians. 

The story, which recalls Canada’s historical as well as current support for China, has been shared on WeChat nearly 14,700 times. 

“I want to remind our next generation of Chinese Canadians about what Canada has done for us: please don’t forget Canada,” said Li. 

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