ICBC: Stay alive and out of trouble this long weekend

Ahead of the Labour Day long weekend, ICBC has released some dire statistics, in a bid to keep drivers alive and out of trouble.

During the last holiday weekend of the summer, an average of five people die and 610 people are injured in 2,200 crashes across the province.

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In the Lower Mainland alone, 440 people are injured in 1,400 crashes every year from the Friday evening before the holiday and up to the end of Labour Day.

According to ICBC, drivers should expect to see more RVs, motorcyclists and trucks on the highways and more pedestrians and cyclists if you’re planning to stay nearer home.

They have released a series of tips to help keep the grim numbers to a minimum:

*You can only see motorcycles when you really look for them so make a game of it. Ask every passenger to guess how many motorcycles you'll see during the drive and then count them as you travel. Leave plenty of space when passing a motorcycle and allow at least three seconds of following distance;

*Crashes with trucks and RVs are usually much more serious due to their sheer size and weight. Keep clear of their blind spots – when following, you should be able to see both mirrors of the RV or truck in front of you. If you're behind a slow moving RV or truck climbing up a hill, leave extra space and be patient as they're probably trying their best to keep up with the flow of traffic;

*Most crashes with cyclists and pedestrians happen at intersections so always look for them – especially before turning. Make eye contact if you can, so they can anticipate your next move;

*Check road conditions at before you leave. Be realistic about travel times and accept delays that may arise. Don't rush to make up time – slow down to reduce your risk of crashing and arrive at your destination safely. You also save fuel by driving at a safe and steady speed.

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