$1M invested in clean tech facility in Richmond

The facility will help develop new technologies to efficiently capture and convert carbon dioxide emissions

A new, cutting-edge facility to test carbon capture and conversion technologies has opened in Richmond.

Joe Peschisolido, MP for Steveston – Richmond East, announced a $950,000 federal investment for the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute (CCCI) Thursday morning.

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“This is part of the federal government’s funding to fight climate change and to transition into a sustainable, clean-tech economy,” said Peschisolido from the facility on Mitchell Island.

This grant came after the B.C. government contributed $100,000 to the facility in January through its Innovative Clean Energy Fund.

Goran Vlajnic, executive director of CCCI, said he is thrilled for the support from governments to fight carbon dioxide, which takes up 46 per cent of emissions in B.C.

“The idea and focus is to develop technologies that capture the carbon dioxide from different industrial sources like cement, in a more energy-efficient and cost-effective way,” said Vlajnic.

While there are currently technologies available for capturing carbon, they are cost prohibitive, in part because of large energy requirements.

“We are also testing technologies to store the collected carbon dioxide or convert it into something valuable, like chemicals or pesticides,” said Vlajnic.

He adds that some creative technology can even turn the emissions into toothpaste or mattress foam.

 “Climate change is real, we need to fight that, but we need to do it in the way that maintains the economy and our quality of life,” said Vlajnic.

He noted that technological development will take years. But, if it’s successful, the technologies will be applied universally in the industry and benefit the whole of society.

The federal government announced $200 million over four years to fight climate change and to transition towards a sustainable clean-tech economy in its 2017 budget.

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