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Weekly Richmond soccer event show support for people affected by Ukraine-Russia war

Everyone is invited to play in or watch the soccer events every Sunday.
Philip Gao Richmond soccer games
Philip Gao (right) and fellow soccer fan Mardo at a weekly soccer event to show community support to those affected by the Ukraine-Russia war.

A long-time Richmond resident is bringing soccer-loving fans and the public together to show support for those affected by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

Avid soccer fan Philip Gao is hosting a series of “World Peace Cup” soccer games every week on Sundays for people to people to meet, learn from each other and of course enjoy a game, or two, of soccer together.

News of the war abroad, said Gao, is devastating to watch and the event’s goal is to exemplify the meaning of "togetherness" in the Richmond community.

“After the Second World War, this is probably one of the biggest wars Ukraine has been involved in, especially with the risk of nuclear weapons being involved,” said Gao.

“I think it’s an alarming call for people all over the world, and it shows that the peoples’ voices aren’t being heard. This isn’t democracy at all.”

“This series of games is to show that we, as a community in Richmond, love peace and we are loving and caring.”

Gao told the Richmond News that many soccer fans from Richmond’s Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese communities have shown interest in participating in the events already.

“Richmond and Canada are about multi-culturalism so it doesn’t matter who is from what country, rather it is about communicating with each other, teamwork and enjoying something we all have in common,” said Gao.

And if you’re not a soccer player, Gao is encouraging people to come and cheer on the players from the benches.

The World Peace Cup Soccer Games will take place at Minoru Park soccer field every Sunday at 2 p.m.