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Richmond's Evan Dunfee scores gold at 20K racewalk in Australia

Dunfee wins with the second-fastest time of his career.
Richmond's Evan Dunfee wins second gold in Australia.

Richmond's Olympic bronze medallist Evan Dunfee won gold at the 20-kilometre Australian and Oceania racewalk competition last week.

Dunfee came first in the men's Australian and Oceania 20-kilometre Race Walking Championships with a time of 1:19:23 -- the second-fastest time of his career -- on Feb. 11 in Adelaide.

This is the second race he won in Australia after his first in Canberra where he not only won gold but also broke another national record during the Australia Capital Territory State Championships.

The Richmond resident crossed the finish line just 29 seconds ahead of local Australian racewalker Kyle Swan who finished at 1:19:52.

This competition marks Dunfee's first international 20-kilometre racewalk win.

"I thought my career was effectively over after the 50km was unceremoniously scrapped," said Dunfee in a post on X.

"I started looking for a parachute and a soft spot to land."

He added that shooting for a medal in Paris no longer seems unrealistic as he continues to racewalk to the next competition.