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Evan Dunfee wins gold, sets new record at Commonwealth Games

Dunfee beat his personal record time and ranked third with the fastest time in the world this year.
Evan Dunfee Commonwealth
Evan Dunfee took home gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and also set a new record.

Richmond's Olympian Evan Dunfee did not only win gold at the Commonwealth Games, but also set a new record on Sunday morning.

Dunfee set a new record of 38 minutes and 36.37 seconds in the 10,000 meter racewalk event at the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, UK.

The veteran racewalker was pacing himself at second place and had broken away from his closest competitor during the last 300 meters in the race to snatch first place in the event, according to Athletics Canada.

Dunfee told Athletics Canada that he had planned to settle for second place, but that didn't happen.

"All of a sudden I found myself alone in second and was willing to settle for second, and then I thought nope believe in yourself, there's a lot of laps left" said Dunfee.

"I came across that finish line and it just felt amazing."

In a tweet, Dunfee wrote that his mantra for the race was to believe in himself.

"Today's goal was to believe in myself as much as my family and closest friends believe in me. I wavered in the middle but found it again in the closing stages," said Dunfee in a tweet.

"It hasn't quite set in yet, but it will. Thank you everyone for told me I could do this."

If that wasn't enough, Dunfee also beat his personal best time by three seconds and ranks third fastest time in the world this year.

Dunfee is scheduled to be in the Bahamas for the 2022 NACAC later this month to defend his title in the 20,000-metre racewalk event.