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Steveston-Richmond East riding: Voters send 'extremely clear' message, says Liberal MP-elect Parm Bains

Parm Bains appears to have beat one-term MP Kenny Chiu, but Chiu wants to see all advance and mail-in ballots before conceding.
Parm Bains seems to have captured the riding of Steveston-Richmond East.

Parm Bains has been declared the winner of Steveston-Richmond East by several media outlets, apparently beating one-term Conservative member of Parliament Kenny Chiu.

Bains will be part of what appears to be a Liberal minority government.

Seat projections across Canada give the Liberals 157 seats, while the Conservatives appear to have won 122 seats.

Bains said the voters in Steveston-Richmond East sent an “extremely clear” message that they want a representative “who will work for everyone and be inclusive of everyone.”

“That’s who I am – that’s the message that came through, they want someone who’s local (and) who’s going to really work for the needs of the community,” Bains said.

While Richmond Centre has been held by Alice Wong for four terms – most likely losing it to the Liberal Wilson Miao this time – Steveston-Richmond East was a Liberal riding before Chiu won in 2019.

Chiu, however, told the Richmond News that he’s been told there are still thousands of ballots that were cast in the advance polls as well as 3,000 mail-in ballots that haven’t been counted.

He is waiting for the final numbers before he makes any kind of announcement regarding the election result in Steveston-Richmond East.

With 186 out of 188 election day polls counted, Bains received 14,936 votes (42.8 per cent) while Chiu had 11,599 votes (33.2 per cent).

The NDP’s Jack Trovato had 6,694 votes (19.2 per cent).

As part of a minority government, Bains said it will be necessary to determine the party’s next course of action when they get to Ottawa.

Bains said his top priorities in Ottawa will continue to be what he’s been talking about during the campaign, that is, housing, the “missing middle” – housing for middle classes – and the future of young professionals in Richmond.

“I think we have a great plan – the Liberal party’s plan on housing and our platform … is an exciting one,” Bains said.

Bains said he was “grateful” to the community for electing him.

“It’s an honour to serve in this office and ultimately represent Steveston-Richmond East,” Bains said.