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Video: Sprinklers go off at Richmond Centre for 'non-event': Richmond Fire-Rescue

Pipes are bursting as weather changes, explained fire department spokesperson.

People shopping at CF Richmond Centre were met with a waterfall scene at the entrance near Shoppers Drug Mart on Monday afternoon.

Videos showed a sprinkler spraying water nonstop onto the doors and walls and the ground starting to flood.

Geoffrey Abubakary told the Richmond News the fire alarm was ringing for about 10 minutes around 3 p.m. before he left the mall and noticed water showering down near the exit.

He added stores nearby began closing their doors and gates.

Peter Tellis, spokesperson with Richmond Fire-Rescue, said the sprinkler had burst and that it was a "non-event."

Tellis said they receive "non-stop reports" of burst pipes this time of the year after the weather warms up from freezing temperatures.

"Sprinkler systems are such an important part of a safety system and annual maintenance is a requirement," said Tellis.

"We are reminding people to ensure sprinkler and safety systems are properly inspected and maintained hopefully reducing situations like this from occurring in buildings."

The News has reached out to CF Richmond Centre for comment.

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