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Swastika, Freemason symbol plastered on Richmond election signs

Campaign worker called defacing "absolutely unacceptable and disgusting"
Campaign signs were defaced in Steveston-Richmond East.

Swastikas made from medical syringes and Freemason symbols were plastered on some election signs in Richmond Thursday night.

The NDP campaign team said its Steveston-Richmond East candidate, Jack Trovato, had his signs defaced with these symbols, but they were also told Liberal ones had been defaced as well.

The defaced NDP signs were on Blundell Road east of No. 5 Road.

Colleen Glynn, chair of the NDP election planning committee in Steveston-Richmond East, called it “absolutely unacceptable and disgusting behaviour.”

“This is the work of ignorant bullies and we will not be tolerating it,” Glynn told the Richmond News in an email Friday.

She added they would be reporting it to the RCMP and Elections Canada.

“I know most of our citizens do not support this type of behaviour, but it is very disconcerting to know there are people out there who are capable of this,” she added.

She encouraged anyone witnessing any election sign tampering to contact the RCMP and Elections Canada.

According to RCMP, it’s a criminal offence to tamper with election signs.

The Richmond News has chosen not to publish the defaced sign with a swastika on it.