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Store behind deadly food bug in Richmond allowed to re-open

Sections of Foody World in the north of the city remain closed, with health chiefs continuing to warn customers not to eat certain produce
Foody World, on Sexsmith Road, has been closed after six people were struck with the potentially fatal Listeria bug. One of the six has since died, although their exact cause of death has yet to be determined

The grocery store behind a serious food poisoning outbreak has been allowed to partially re-open by health chiefs.

Foody World, an Asian supermarket on Sexsmith Road in north Richmond, was shut down by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) last Friday after six cases of the potentially deadly Listeria bug were traced back to processed meats bought at the store between July and last week.

One of the customers who contracted the bacteria, which leads to Listeriosis, has since died, although VCH pointed out the person had underlying health conditions and the death can’t, for certain, be linked to the food poisoning.

However, VCH announced Thursday morning that its environmental health officers are satisfied that Foody World has met the health and safety standards necessary to allow the re-opening of the meat, seafood, grocery and produce departments of the store. The hot kitchen, bakery and sushi bar remain closed until further notice.

And VCH is still warning customers not to consume any produce or ready-to-eat foods, such as BBQ pork or baked goods, made in-house at Foody World dated July 2016 through Oct. 14.

Symptoms of Listeriosis include fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches. Listeriosis can also cause serious illness such as meningitis or blood infections in pregnant women and newborns, those with weakened immune systems and older adults or seniors. Symptoms typically start within four weeks after consuming, but can appear up to ten weeks later.

If you think you have an infection caused by Listeria, see a doctor for testing, advice and treatment. VCH Public Health will follow-up with any patients whose lab results are positive for Listeria.

For more information about the food recall, members of the public can call VCH at 604-233-3147.