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Richmond's top cop heading for organized crime role

Chief Supt. Will Ng will step into his new regional role as soon as his replacement is found
Richmond RCMP Will Ng
Chief Supt. Will Ng

Richmond RCMP's current officer-in-charge, Chief Supt. Will Ng, is preparing to leave the city to take on a new role as the Asst. Commissioner in charge of Federal Investigative Services and Organized Crime for BC RCMP.

Ng has been in charge at the Richmond detachment for the past five years, however, the timeline for the transition into his new role has not yet been determined.

According to Richmond RCMP, during the transitional period, Ng will continue in his role until a successor has been selected and settled into the detachment.

His immediate understudy, Supt. Julie Drotar, was announced at a city council meeting in May, but has yet to begin her new role.

“Under Chief Superintendent Ng’s leadership, Richmond has continued to be one of the safest communities in the region,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“His strength, dedication and vision has made the Richmond RCMP detachment a shining example of how police and municipalities can work together to build a safe and resilient community. We wish him well in his new role and look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the RCMP.”

Ng said that, “Serving alongside the members, civilian staff and volunteers over the past five years has been an absolute career highlight for me.

“I am extremely proud of the many outstanding accomplishments that have been achieved and know the community of Richmond will continue to be well served.”

Ng was promoted to chief superintendent earlier this year after the new layer was created at the detachment.