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Richmond's giant pumpkin grower lands North America title

Dave Chan’s giant gourd weighed in at an incredible 2,212 pounds to lift the title in Sacramento, California

He’s only gone and did it!

Richmond’s Dave Chan has broken B.C. records before, but on Saturday he realized a dream when his giant pumpkin weighed in at an incredible 2,212 pounds, making it the biggest in North America thus far this season.

Chan, who has been growing the giant gourds for 40 years from his east Richmond backyard, won the title at the Hard Rock Casino National Weigh Off in in Sacramento, California.

As well as winning a prestigious belt, Chan collected $28,000 (Can) for his troubles and was still on cloud nine when the Richmond News caught up with him Monday.

“My feeling (is) more of being the luckiest person rather than any other emotion,” said Chan.

“So many things are needed to align to win. Much of it boils down to the old saying.. ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get.’”

Chan’s giant pumpkin is currently the third largest in the world this year, but he admits that likely “won’t last long as there are many more pumpkin contests to be done yet.”

His 2,212 monster, a Dill’s Atlantic giant variety, entered a very exclusive group of 2,200 plus pound pumpkins, with less than 100 ever recorded.

Chan still has one more competition to take on in the U.S. – at Half Moon Bay on Oct. 9, with a total prize fund of $50,000 (US).

He told the News last week that he didn’t do anything different this year to break his own record but noted that the “exceptional summer” was likely key.

Chan understands that 2,450 pounds is the world record this year so far, but “there is supposed to be a 2,700-pound one going to competitions shortly.