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Richmondite creates 'ice palace' at London Landing

It took four days and 100 blocks of snow to build a roofless igloo
Peter Miessner spent four days building his 'ice palace.'

“Peter’s Ice Palace” reads the sign on a six-foot high roofless igloo that was built by a Steveston resident during this past wintery week.

Peter Miessner spent four days building the snow and ice structure near his London Landing home in what was first supposed to be a “small project” for him and his six-year-old daughter.

“But it just kept growing,” Miessner told the Richmond News.

To create the blocks for the circular structure, Miessner compressed snow into his blue bin and then started laying them in circles.

While the snow is quite powdery and not the perfect texture for building, Miessner was able to pack it down enough, and then spray water on to hold the blocks in place.

In the end, he created about 100 blocks of snow to build the ice palace.

Miessner had help from his daughter and her friend building it – although, he reported, they did take hot chocolate breaks during the construction period.

The roof is open for safety, Miessner explained – so it doesn’t fall on anyone – but the openness as well as a window allow one to see the stars at night.

Miessner has put up a Canadian flag and a sign asking community members "don't destroy, just enjoy."

Environment Canada is forecasting more snow in the coming days.