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Richmond secondary school 2022 rugby all-stars chosen

Richmond Rugby Football Club has chosen its 2022 secondary school All-stars
richmond rudhy all stars
Richmond Rugby Football Club has chosen its 2022 secondary school All-stars

This year’s Secondary School Rugby All-stars have been selected by Richmond Rugby Football Club.

After rugby returned to Richmond schools this spring, the club has awarded players in three categories: Senior Girls, Senior Boys and Junior Boys.

Their choices were aided by feedback from local coaches, referees and administrators.

Cambie, McMath and McNair Senior Boys finished second, third and fourth respectively in the South Fraser AA Zone, while McRoberts Senior Girls finished second in the South Fraser AA Zone and featured participants from three other local schools (Boyd, McMath and Palmer).

Cambie Senior Girls, in their first year running a program, participated in several seven-a-side jamborees, while McRoberts Senior Boys and Junior Boys entered developmental leagues and won several games against AAA opponents.

Players are listed by position and several of the athletes listed will be continuing their representative rugby careers at the Provincial Regional Championships held at UBC in July.

Senior Girls:

Noahmy Nzuzi, Prop, McRoberts

Annie Begg, Prop, McRoberts

Micah Quitoriano, Hook, Cambie

Claire Campbell, Second Row, McRoberts

Amber Vary, Flanker, Boyd

Victoria Wideski, #8, McMath

Ynna Lopez, Scrumhalf, Cambie

Keira Lau, Scrumhalf, McRoberts

Rayya Kumar, Flyhalf, McRoberts

Fabiana Pradella, Flyhalf, Cambie

Ayana Titifanua, Centre, Boyd

Ulani Cyr, Centre, Boyd

Marley Sanday, Fullback, Palmer


Senior Boys:

Carson Leong, Prop, McNair

Maeson Westerlund, Prop, McNair

Jayden Dhari, Prop, McMath

Balpreet Dosanjh, Prop, Cambie

Malcolm Dennill, Prop, McMath

Maccoy Humphrey, Lock, McMath

Spencer Hodgins, Flanker, McRoberts

Pierce Jing, Flanker, McMath

Arun Mahal, Flanker, Cambie

Karl Soriano, Flanker, Cambie

Kevin Bhangoo, #8, McNair

Andreas Gervacio, Scrumhalf, McRoberts

Sachan Sidhu, Fly-Half, McRoberts

Lutan Kedekopp, Fly-Half, Cambie

Daniel Wojewodzic, Centre, Cambie

David Norena, Centre, McNair

Austin Bai, Centre, McNair

Reade Pearce, Centre, McMath

Josh Anoyo, Wing, McRoberts

Ryan Busnardo, Fullback, McRoberts


Junior Boys:

Angelo Xiang, Prop, McRoberts

Vladislav Rodulgin, Lock, McRoberts

Mikyle Mohammed, Lock, McRoberts

Rajan Mann, Flyhalf, McRoberts

Braeden Hodgins, Centre, McRoberts

Jonathan Newman, Prop, McRoberts