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Richmond safety company launches mental health first aid kit

The kit includes an automated oxygen unit which can be helpful for anxiety or panic attacks, according to SOS Emergency Response Technologies
SOS technologies mental health first aid kit
SOS Emergency Response Technologies has launched a mental health first aid kit.

A Richmond company has launched a kit to help those struggling with mental health.

In addition to a first aid kit, face masks and instant ice packs, the mental health first aid kit also includes a stress squeeze toy, bio-med water “refresher” spray and a fully-automated oxygen unit.

Mark Friedman, who along with his wife Stacey owns SOS Emergency Response Technologies in Richmond, said the two things the oxygen will be most helpful for are anxiety and panic attacks, as it can help relax and calm people down.

He said the at-home kit, which launched about three months ago, is also useful for those with depression.

“When you see somebody who’s going through an attack or having problems breathing, having problems with anxiety…right away you pull out the oxygen, you suggest it, you leave it there for them – you’ve trained them on it and you know that they just know to put it on and turn the lever on – so if they feel like they can use it, they will,” he said.

Friedman said his daughter has the kit in her room to help with her own mental health, and he thought it would be helpful for others to have it as well.

He said the oxygen is at a low level and isn’t a risk for people to use it.

The oxygen unit is two to 10 litre flows of oxygen per minute, according to SOS Emergency Response Technologies, with an adjustable dial. While everyone is different, most people will begin to feel a change in the first three minutes.

According to the company, their oxygen unit is the only fully-automated oxygen unit on the market, with an on-off lever system. The company provides free training at the time of delivery and will meet with clients over Zoom for a refresher if needed. They also have published a four-minute instructional video on the unit on Youtube.

People can lease the kit for $20 or $30 a month, depending on the size of the kit, or yearly.

SOS Emergency Response Technologies works with workplaces to provide oxygen, first aid and safety and emergency preparedness supplies. The mental health first aid kit is the first product under its new home division.