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Richmond residents, organizations prioritized in new outdoor policy

Soccer fields, ball diamonds, tracks, tennis courts and lacrosse boxes are some of the amenities covered by a Richmond policy.
A new policy has been drafted on how outdoor sports amenities could be allocated to groups, with an emphasis on Richmond users. File photo

A 40-year-old, five-line policy on who can play on outdoor Richmond sports amenities is getting some meat on its bones.

Richmond’s parks, recreation and cultural committee is looking to revise the city’s policy focusing on where players live, priority use and code of conduct rules.

If the policy is approved, programs sponsored by the city would get priority over other groups, followed by Richmond School District programs, in-season sports, special events and tournaments, non-profit Richmond youth sports, non-profit Richmond adult sports, youth sports from outside Richmond and then adult sports from outside of Richmond.

Richmond residents would be prioritized over people coming from other communities, and Richmond-based organizations using sports amenities would need to show 70 per cent of their players are from Richmond.

But to make sure there’s a balance of opportunities, gender equity, emerging and declining sports, accessibility and inclusion will be considered when allocations are made.

Sports users will be asked to follow a code of conduct.

Furthermore, users can lose their booked time if they don’t use the sports amenity, allow others to use their booked time or use these amenities when they’re not booked or are closed.

Outdoors sports amenities in Richmond include soccer fields, ball diamonds, tracks, tennis courts and lacrosse boxes.

The draft policy will be looked at, at next Tuesday's parks, recreation and cultural services committee.