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Richmond man's murder conspiracy case delayed until other trials finish

Richard Charles Reed has already been convicted of sexual interference and obstructing police.
B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

A Richmond man’s trial on conspiracy to commit murder and attempting to obstruct justice is being delayed until after he has finished dealing with other charges before the courts.

Richard Charles Reed appeared before Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Nancy Phillips on those charges plus other firearms charges July 28.

Reed, Seyed Naveed Mohtashamian and Nicholas Huy To were alleged to have conspired between Jan. 2 and June 2, 2021, to murder Sam Kelly, also known as “JC” or “Tracy” at or near Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and Richmond.

The three are also alleged to have conspired between Feb. 18 and June 2, 2021 at or near Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and Richmond to murder Kelly.

Reed and Mohtashamian were further charged with attempting to obstruct justice by trying to dissuade Spencer Griffin with threats, bribes or other corrupt means, from giving evidence, documents said, between Jan. 2 and June 2, 2021.

The other men’s cases are proceeding separately.

Reed was present in the prisoner’s box and agreed to the delay in his case.

In April, Reed was jailed for a total of 12.5 months for sexual interference and two months for obstructing police.

His total sentence was 38 months. The sentence was a result of credit for time served before sentencing. The sentence came after guilty pleas.

Reed was born in 1998 and was 22 years old at the time of the offences.