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Richmond farm event to encourage moving for better mental health

180 people will do cycling, conditioning and yoga together on a farm
The Healthy from Ground Up event will take place at Athiana Acres, a regenerative farm in south Richmond and it has been fully subscribed. Getty Image

A Richmond farm event this weekend, that’s aimed at promoting regular exercise to improve mental health, is expected to be packed out.

The free event, named Healthy from Ground Up, is now fully subscribed and will take place at Athiana Acres, a regenerative farm in south Richmond.

Around 180 people are expected to show up to do cycling, conditioning and yoga together.

“We know that moving is so good for mental health,” said Leslie Reilly, the organizer and clinical social worker.

“We always talk about the physical aspect of exercise, but not necessarily the psychological aspect.

“So I thought it’d be fun to get a couple of gyms together and invite people for a free morning of moving.”

Reilly reached out to local gyms about her idea and received overwhelming support.

She hopes the event can help people understand the importance of regular exercise on not only people’s bodies but also their mental health, and encourage them to get out and excise more.

“The research on moving, especially for things like depression and anxiety is really positive,” said Reilly.

“Even going for a walk can help and you can meet people when you work out, maybe go for a cup of coffee, then it becomes a habit and you feel less alone.”

She also hopes that events like this will help foster a more supportive community.

“It’s so important to have a healthy community. Healthy communities grow healthy people. So for outside or even inside, just moving together, connecting.”

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