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Richmond COVID-19 numbers hover in teens

One-dose vaccination coverage in Steveston is at 86 per cent for those 12 and older.
There were 13 new cases of COVID-19 in Richmond from July 11 to 17, down from 16 last week.

Richmond COVID-19 weekly numbers are hovering in the teens.

The BC Centre for Disease Control reported 13 new cases this week (July 11-17), down just slightly from last week’s 16 cases.

Two weeks ago, Richmond only had three new cases of COVID-19.

Provincial numbers have risen as well, and the province reported yesterday 89 new cases of COVID-19 over the previous 24 hour period.

In the meantime, vaccination rates are rising slowly, with each of the seven areas of Richmond up by a percentage point or two.

Steveston continues to have the highest vaccination rate, with 86 per cent of those 12 and older vaccinated with at least one dose.

Blundell and Broadmoor are the only areas not to have hit the 80 per cent mark – Blundell is 79 per cent vaccinated while Broadmoor is at 78 per cent, both having seen an increase of one per cent since last week.

Richmond City Centre is 84 per cent vaccinated as are the East-West Cambie/Bridgeport and Gilmore/Shellmont/East Hamilton areas.

Across the province, 80.2 per cent of those 12 and older were vaccinated as of Thursday, and 56.9 per cent have had a second dose.

Vaccination rates (12+ years) in Richmond by neighbourhood

Steveston: 86 per cent

East-West Cambie/Bridgepport: 84 per cent

Gilmore/Shellmont/East/Hamilton: 84 per cent

City Centre: 84 per cent

Thompson/Seafair: 81 per cent

Blundell: 79 per cent

Broadmoor: 78 per cent