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Purple yam croissant baker puts Richmond business on pause

Elmo Baking Co. moves to Port Moody.
Elmo Pinpin officially putting his Richmond baking scene on pause as he opens first official store in Port Moody.

A Richmond bakery business featuring purple yam croissants has moved out of the city.

Elmo Pinpin, owner of Elmo Baking Co., has temporarily left the Richmond baking scene, and instead opened his own store in Port Moody.

His new store opened on Nov. 10, and Pinpin had previously told the Richmond News in 2019 that his goal was to open his own bakery.

"We feel really blessed just by the amount of overwhelmingly positive response from the (Port Moody) community here," said Pinpin.

"It's good to see other people enjoy the products and that sort of thing."

Pinpin was operating out of Smokehouse Sandwich Co.'s kitchen on Westminster Highway in the meantime.

However, this isn't a complete farewell for the Richmond community.

He said he will return to Richmond for his pop-ups once a week once his Port Moody store opening "smoothens out."

"The Richmond community was super and was also great while I was there, and I will miss working at Smokehouse after all these years," he said.

"It was a bittersweet move with all the relationships that were formed there. On one hand, it was the fulfillment of one dream, but on the other, it was leaving people that I had become friends with behind."

Pinpin added he will get the store organized as quickly as possible to be able to "start serving the Richmond community again."

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