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Photos: The Steveston Hotel, more than a century ago

The hotel was the place to go for some well-dressed gents, 8 years before it burned to the ground

A couple of old photos, safely buried away in the City of Richmond’s archives, paint a very different picture of one of Steveston’s oldest premises.

One of them is a black and white shot of five, very well-dressed gentlemen posing for a photographer, while having a drink in the Steveston Hotel.

It was taken around 1910 and shows the men resplendent in suits, waistcoats and ties – but with dirty, working boots – and handlebar mustaches.

The other photo, taken in May 1918, was a little more grim, depicting the ruins of the hotel on Second Avenue after a fire ripped through it.

According to the archives, hotel was one of three such establishments destroyed in the fire and, as advertised, had a dining room and bar.