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Photos: Six suspects arrested in multiple Richmond drug busts

Fentanyl, illicit cannabis marijuana, firearms, cash and high-end items were seized at three alleged drug labs.

Six suspects have been arrested in multiple suspected synthetic drug labs in Richmond.

Search warrants were executed at three Richmond locations involving alleged laboratories on Oct. 28.

Const. Kenneth Lau, Richmond RCMP spokesperson, said the arrests were part of a targeted investigation since March.

Information about the suspects hasn’t been released as the investigation is ongoing, and charges are still pending.

“Over the last eight months, Richmond RCMP Organized Crime Unit, along with the assistance of multiple Richmond RCMP investigative units have been called upon to spend countless hours to bring the project to this point,” said Lau.

Illicit street drugs, pill presses, and firearms were seized at three properties including:

  • 300,000 doses of suspected methamphetamine and 200 kg of extracted precursors
  • 6,810 doses of suspected fentanyl
  • 2,000 doses of illicit cannabis marijuana
  • Three pill presses
  • Six firearms, including four carbine-style rifles, two handguns and firearm suppressors.

Cash amounts of over $100,000, high-end items and two vehicles suspected to be linked to the crime were also seized.

Insp. Michael Cohee, with the RCMP Investigative Services, said the searches were carefully planned and coordinated because of the “potentially hazardous items” that could affect the public and police safety.

“This group was a priority of the Richmond RCMP and the dismantling of these labs will result in a significant disruption of organized crime in the City of Richmond,” said Cohee.

Clandestine labs pose a significant threat to the health and safety of the public, according to RCMP, including risk of explosions and toxic chemical waste that can contaminate the environment.

Signs of illegal clandestine labs in residences include:

  • Secretive or unfriendly occupants that are always or never home.
  • Unusual items such as buckets of chemicals or laboratory glassware being brought home.
  • Strong smells of chemical odours and unusual garbage such as pots or chemical containers with labels removed.

The public is encouraged to report suspicious behaviour related to this investigation or other criminal activity to the Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212.