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Photos: Fans of Hong Kong's TVB dramas flock to Richmond to meet stars

The event at River Rock was the first in-person TVB fan party hosted in Richmond since the pandemic

Around 900 people gathered around at River Rock Show Theatre last night to meet their favourite Hong Kong stars and play games with them on stage.

It was the first in-person annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party hosted in Richmond since the pandemic.

Four artists from Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), a Hong Kong-based TV station that is well known for its Cantonese-language dramas, gave performances and played games with audience members on stage.

Joining the fan party this year are artists Shaun Tam, Sisley Choi, Benjamin Yuen and Elaine Yiu – Tam and Choi have won TVB’s most prestigious Best Male Actor and Actress awards.

The event will be broadcast on Fairchild TV in June.