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Photo: Steveston Seafood House dates back to the '70s

The restaurant, in its current role, dates back to 1977, but the building has been there for a lot longer
Steveston Seafood House in 1984.

One wonders what we will do in a generation or so’s time when it comes to pulling up old photos of days gone by?

Will our phones be able to store all the images to spark those memories or will we have to rely on “Facebook Memories” to remind us?

Thank goodness, however, for the City of Richmond’s Archives Department, which is a treasure trove of such flashbacks.

None more so that this gem from 1984 of the Steveston Seafood House on Moncton Street, resplendent with a vehicle of the same era parked out front.

According to the archives, the restaurant was in between Hiro's Grocery and the Canadian Bank of Commerce.

The restaurant is still going strong today and the Richmond News got in touch with its current owner Shane Dagan to ask him to dig into his own memory bank.

Dagan said he has owned the popular eatery for 15 years now, but has worked there for an incredible 24, since 1998.

“The restaurant was founded in 1977 by Rolf Jung. The building itself was erected in 1940 and had a few different uses including a lawn mower repair shop and it was Riverside Pharmacy in the ‘50's to the early ‘60s,” said Dagan.

“We have a couple (of) customers who still live in Steveston who used to work for the pharmacy. 

“The restaurant still has the old cast iron pipes which were common in construction in the 19th and early 20th century.”

One wonders if the thousands of images we store on our mobile phones will generate as much detail as Dagan or the city’s archives.

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