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Passport fraud ends in 7-year prison term for Richmond-based immigration consultant

Xun “Sunny” Wang had pleaded guilty to eight charges involving 321 fraudulent Chinese passports

An unlicensed Richmond immigration consultant, who committed tax evasion and fraud by creating fake passports,has been sentenced to seven years in prison on Oct. 23.

The case exposed the fact that a significant number of Canadian citizens who have recently emigrated from China have likely obtained their citizenship illegally. 

Xun “Sunny” Wang had pleaded guilty to eight charges in connection to his businesses: New Can Consultants Ltd. and Wellong International Investments.

Judge Reg Harris also fined Wang just over $900,000, an amount he must pay back to the federal government within one year.

It was found that Wang’s companies procured approximately $10 million from 1,200 people in exchange for fraudulent immigration services.

Search warrants at the time of his arrest last year uncovered evidence of 321 fraudulent Chinese passports.

His work was widespread throughout China, as the passports came from 243 different cities.

“The work typically involved helping clients obtain and maintain permanent residence status and/or Canadian citizenship,” stated Harris.

In many cases, Wang falsified the amount of time a Chinese citizen had spent in Canada. Wang often altered stamps or added new ones to his client’s passports.

He created misleading paper trails that led immigration officials to believe his clients were in Canada for longer than they were (in order to meet the standards of permanent residency, a precursor for citizenship).

“Mr. Wang’s offences were complex, sophisticated, and well thought-out,” stated Harris.

Wang, 46, is married and has two teenage boys. He has a university degree in engineering. He came to Canada in 1997 and was granted citizenship in 2000.  He started working as an immigration consultant in 2001.

From 2007 to 2012 it was found that Wang failed to report more than $2.7 million in income, resulting in the evasion of about $730,000 in federal income tax. His income reporting was so low that he collected income tax benefits.

“It is clear he was the mastermind behind the scheme. His conduct likely contributed to numerous persons fraudulently obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. I expect the Immigration authorities will have to review the circumstances of all those concerned and it is quite likely that some persons will be removed from Canada,” stated Harris.

The defense for Wang argued for a 30-month sentence, but Harris noted Wang’s actions undermined public confidence and support for the immigration process. Harris also noted Wang violated the terms of his bail.