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Over $34K in scholarships awarded to Richmond students

A total of 38 Richmond students received scholarships from Richmond Community Foundation this year.
RCF scholarship
Representatives from the Richmond Community Foundation, including board member Wendy Yuan, have been attending valedictory ceremonies, to present graduating high school students with scholarships.

Thirty-eight Richmond students received a combined total of $34,600 in scholarships from the Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) this year.

Each year, the foundation offers financial support from a percentage of its Forever Funds' investment income as scholarships to students pursuing further their education goals.

Caleb Wu, a Steveston-London Secondary Student, was a recipient of two scholarships from RCF and plans to use the them to pursue a career in digital arts.

“I aspire to pursue a career in UX design, harnessing my passion for digital arts and creativity to explore the thriving technological industry,” said Wu.

Meanwhile, scholarship recipients Kian Cole Bellinger from McNair secondary and Christina Gan of Palmer secondary both plan to pursue careers in the medical field.

Bellinger plans to study medicine to help others while Gan is working towards becoming a pediatric nurse.

“Because we manage such a diverse range of Funds, we’re able to help students in multiple fields, including academics, athletics, trades, and the performing arts,” said Dave Frank, chairperson of RCF.

“Our fundholders are committed to removing financial barriers, so students can pursue an education – and a career – that aligns with their skills and interests.”

List of scholarship recipients can be found here.