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Out and About: Quilting at Richmond Cultural Centre

Quilts are made for young mothers, seniors and recovery homes in Richmond.

Last weekend I came across a unique event in the Richmond Cultural Centre.  

Members of the Textile Arts Guild of Richmond, (TAGOR) were working on a project that involved making and assembling quilts to give to the mothers of premature babies. 

Since 1975, TAGOR has focused on advancing and encouraging all aspects of artistic and practical textile arts.    

And for the past year, members have been volunteering their sewing skills at monthly Repair Fairs held in community centres throughout Richmond.

This includes the creative mending and repurposing of clothing. Old jeans can be made (almost) new again and kept from the landfill.

TAGOR uses both in-person and online Zooms to enable wide participation in their community, artistic and learning adventures.

TAGOR offers speakers, workshops, open studios and direct community involvement.

Each year, TAGOR members make and donate hundreds of items to the community — including quilts, lap quilts, preemie baby blankets and chemo caps. 

These excellent creations go to a variety of Richmond-based organizations, including Lion’s Manor Complex Care Home, Richmond Family Place, Richmond Hospital Birthing Centre, Richmond Oncology, Richmond Public Health Nurses, Turning Point Women’s and Men’s Houses and Salvation Army Rotary Hospice. 

2025 is TAGOR’s 50th anniversary and members are looking forward to sustaining and building more relationships with our community. 

New members are welcome. 

More information on membership and activities can be found by clicking here.

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