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One of Richmond's oldest 7-Elevens closing down

Loyal customers can remember hanging out at the store more than 50 years ago
The 7-Eleven store at Williams and No. 3 roads is closing down in 10 days. Google Streetview

A corner store in Richmond, that’s believed to date back at least 50 years, is closing in 10 days.

The 7-Eleven at Williams and No. 3 roads will serve its last Slurpee and hot dog on Monday, Dec. 21, much to the dismay of its loyal customers, who’ve built up a ton of memories over the decades.

There has been a suggestion escalating rental costs was a factor in the closure, although a customer who spoke with a member of staff at the store was told they were not allowed to give the reason for closing.

The Richmond News has reached out to 7-Eleven Canada for comment.

As news of the closure spread on social media, current and past patrons of the popular discount convenience chain store posted their memories.

Comments included remembering they bought their first ever Slurpee at the store to recalling the location as being their favourite Friday and Saturday night hang-out.

Some of the comments dated back 20 and 30 years, with one poster remembering giving the store owners a hard time more than 50 years ago.