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New Richmond seed library opens its 'doors'

The community gardeners on Railway Avenue designed and built their own seed library

Residents living near Railway Avenue now have their very own seed library.

The library was built by one of the residents, with the design being started and finished by tenants of the relatively new community garden plots at Railway and Hollymount Gate, just north of Steveston Highway.

The gardeners launched the library at a special event on the weekend, with a workshop about seed-saving.

And within minutes, the new library was full of wonderful seeds donated by the community gardeners.

The Richmond News reported last month how the 40 or so plot tenants are originally from all corners of the globe.

They each bring with them their green-fingered experience – and subsequent culinary tastes – from the likes of Europe, China, India and South America.

The library was made possible thanks to the Environmental Enhancement Grant, approved by City of Richmond and Urban Bounty.