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More Richmond residents are working remotely now: survey

A survey by the BCCDC showed what Richmond residents have been doing during COVID-19.
Remote Working
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A province-wide COVID-19 surveyed showed that more than half of Richmond residents in each neighbourhood are working remotely compared to the B.C. average.

Results from a May survey done by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), showed 60.8 per cent of survey respondents living in Richmond are working from home in comparison to the provincial average of 54.9 per cent.

Richmond’s results are still slightly lower than the overall Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) region average of 65.1 per cent.

Thompson and Seafair neighbourhoods had the most residents working remotely with 64.2 per cent, while the Gilmore, Shellmont, East Richmond and Hamilton neighbourhoods had the least with 57.2 per cent.

Meanwhile, results from the survey also showed that Richmond had the most residents not working due to COVID-19.

Out of the residents who responded, 18.4 per cent said they are not working, which is slightly higher than the 17.6 per cent average in the VCH region, and is the city with the highest percentage in the whole province, the survey reported.

Many Richmond respondents were worried about their finances. At the time the survey was taken, 35.8 per cent of Richmond respondents said they were financially stressed in comparison to the provincial average of 32.2 per cent.

And 20.1 per cent of Richmondites said they were worried about food security, compared to the 15 per cent average in B.C. and in the health region.

Richmond residents were overall healthier during the pandemic. There were 33.1 per cent of Richmondites who said they were sleeping more, which is higher than the 26.2 B.C. and 31.3 regional averages. Only 17.9 per cent said they were consuming more alcohol than before the pandemic started compared to the 27.9 in the VCH region and the 26.9 per cent across B.C.

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