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More market rentals proposed for Polygon development in Richmond

A Capstan development is back on city council's agenda for the third time
Garden City Conservation Society fought to have mature trees saved in a Capstan area development.

After back-and-forth between Richmond city council and property developer Polygon, a rejigged proposal with more rentals at a Capstan property development is on the agenda for next week’s planning committee.

A third proposal of the property near the intersection of Garden City and Cambie roads includes more than a thousand new homes, affordable and market rentals, publicly accessible open spaces and a park with mature trees.

A public outcry – largely from the Garden City Conservation Society – about razing the southeast corner of the property that has more than 50 mature trees resulted in the developer moving a planned city park and saving most of the trees.

Furthermore, pressure from council to add more market rentals has resulted in 51 more to the development proposal.

Polygon is now proposing 171 market rentals, up from 120.

But the number of affordable rentals will remain at 156 and will be located in a standalone building managed by SUCCESS, a non-profit society that promotes multiculturalism.

The property, in addition to the grove of mature trees, has a field that has grown hay for decades.

Before construction of homes on the site, the topsoil from field will be removed and taken to Garden City Lands, a city-owned urban agricultural area between Westminster Highway and Alderbridge Way.

The affordable housing units and market rental units will both be built in the first phase of the development.

There will be 1,014 market strata housing units and 784 square metres of commercial space.

About two acres on the property will be public open spaces and the park – where the mature trees are located – will be larger than one acre. This park will be transferred to city ownership.