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Massive line-up at Steveston Harbour for first spot prawns of season

Video shows fishing boat steaming back to Steveston with its first catch of the season

A massive line-up has formed at Steveston Harbour for the latest catch of B.C.’s famous spot prawns, only two hours into the season opening.

According to Laura Takasaki, of Prawns on the Spot at Fisherman’s Wharf, the line-up snakes all the way along the boardwalk, from the wharf to Pajo’s.

“People have been waiting now for two hours for the next shipment of prawns, arriving at 1 p.m.,” said Takasaki.

There’s even a Skip the Dishes delivery guy near the front of the long line-up.

Takasaki also gave the Richmond News a fabulous video of their boat powering its way back to Steveston from the fishing ground, with an ETA at Steveston Harbour posted on it.

She added that one of her fellow spot prawn fishers, Steveston Spot Prawns and Seafood, sold out the first catch at the dock within the first hour Friday morning.