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Mailman bloodied after dog attack on Lucas Road

German shepherd darted across Lucas Road to attack mailman, sending him to the hospital with severe lacerations, according to witnesses
Dog bite
A ‘beware of the dog’ sign adorns the front gate of the house where a German shepherd ran out from, seconds before it attacked an unsuspecting postal worker. Photo by Graeme Wood

A postal worker was viciously mauled by a German shepherd dog on Lucas Road in the Blundell neighbourhood.

The mauling, which occurred around noon last Thursday, was partly witnessed by a resident living next door to the house where the attack happened.

A woman in her senior years, who wished to remain unnamed, told the Richmond News she came outside after hearing a commotion. On the lawn next to hers was a male postal worker laying down, grasping his leg while on the phone with 9-1-1.

She said the dog had run across the street from its home to attack the mailman, but by the time she came outside it had left him alone. However, the ordeal was not over.

“At that point the dog had gone back. But then it came up to me and I (stumbled) backwards and he started licking me. I knew I was supposed to stay still. It was scary,” the woman explained.

Neighbours converged on the scene and three police cars attended, along with animal control officers and an ambulance, to take the mailman to the hospital.

The mailman is believed to have suffered multiple bites to the back and legs. The woman said the mailman’s shirt was ripped and he was bleeding profusely.

The City of Richmond confirmed the dog was taken into custody and sent to the Richmond Animal Protection Society.

On Tuesday a colleague of the victim told the News the dog was to be destroyed. The News asked the city for an update, however the city gave no indication that such a decision had been made.

City spokesperson Ted Townsend said the dog does not have a recorded history of violence with the city.

The female witness, and other neighbours the News spoke to on Thursday afternoon, said the dog had been living in a relatively new but vacant home and was walked on occasion by the maid, but only with a muzzle. 

The home is gated and has a “Beware of Dog” sign attached to the entrance.

According to the victim’s colleague, the postal worker was given rabies shots in the course of his treatment.