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Letters: What have the do-gooders ever done for us?

A Richmond News reader feels a little jail time might smarten up the Save Old Growth protesters
Save Old Growth
Save Old Growth protestors blocked the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge on April 4 in efforts to pressure the government to immediately stop old-growth logging in B.C.

Dear Editor,

Re: “When is breaking the law justified?” Editor’s column, Aug. 11.

When I read your opinion piece, I could feel your sense of ambivalence.

Personally, I have no such ambivalence. My heart bleeds for anyone, especially the likes of Susan Bibbings, who insist on disrupting society’s (my) normal daily activities. 

Some of these “do gooders” seem to have a screw loose and think that they can impose their will on anyone whom they inconvenience. 

It doesn’t work that way! Some of the desired changes take time, whether we like it or not.  And if this doesn’t please the likes of Bibbings and her cohorts, tough bananas. They should be incarcerated.

E.S. Frank


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