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Letters: Time to pause the Steveston Highway bike lane

A Richmond News reader got his wish granted this week by city hall
A proposed bike lane on Steveston Highway was paused as the city looks at the feasibility of having it on Williams Road instead.

Dear Editor,

Re: “Steveston bike lane cost jumps a couple million to $11.5 million,”, Feb. 27.

My god, where are you going to find three metres to put a separated bike lane on Steveston Highway?

You have homes, a firehall, farms, a Buddhist temple, a school, a golf course.

The city needs to first deal with the speed of all traffic on Steveston Highway — 50 km on this roadway is a mere suggestion.

The RCMP could set up on that roadway 24 hours a day and the fines alone would help fund many road projects.

Why is it after several bids come in way over budget that the city can’t use their own crews to build this pathway or were they one of the high bidders?

With costs rising, there is only so much money you can squeeze from the taxpayer, TransLink and various governments.

Time to hit the pause button and use other already-built bike lanes.

Neil Bruce